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Mike Shaw
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So coming back from holidays I noticed that whilst my activity levels dropped(significantly) along with my food my energy levels went up whilst my weight kinda hovered....... I attribute the energy due to the extra sleep from the few days granted off from work.....


Is there a point where eating some much food puts you past the point of diminishing returns?? Surely the energy expended to consume and digest such a large quantity of food takes it's toll..... Should you feel tired after eating? or tired in general? I thought we do these things to feel great with an abundance of energy!!!


Do "bigger / more muscle mass" people consume the same quantity as me or do their (un) / fortunate genetics breakdown whatever fuel they put in there mouth and distribute with knife sharp precision? (I've never looked at an item of food knowing if I eat "that" it will benefit / deter me IE: Mississppi Mud Cake going straight to my ass!)

And lastly...

From a zone perspective it specifies that the maximum amount of protein to be consumed is 5 blocks - so what happens when you eat half a chicken and back it up with approx 3 block's carbs?? and a shot of olive oil??? for lunch.... if it's mass gain it aint happenin!

Whilst it's not great my training log is honest and I have honestly had a few more cheat's in the last few weeks than the over these last few months but it gives an accurate portrayal of the intake and output... So check out Controlling the Chaos thread in the Training logs section......
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