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Jeremy Jones
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Per capita.

It is not talking about "homicide" rates being the highest (even though homicides per capita are up 5 times from the 1950's). Grossman is talking about the fact that violent assaults are at an all time high, and the "homocide" rate isn't as affected by violent crime as it used to be because our advances in medicine and emergency treatment.

This is the same reason why it is difficult to directly compare paleo and current lifestyles. The medical field has changed the rules.

I think Rob is advocating that we increase welfare to the Inner Cities and Trailer Parks so we can combat the radical Islam wave.

Quick! Send beer, twinkies and mac 'cheese STAT. We need a baby boom! It is the only way to save the future for the West.
-Jeremy Jones
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Scott Kustes
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Robb, you said "Infant mortality greatly increased". Are you saying that agriculture actually brought about the deaths of more infants? I had assumed otherwise, that removing the constant predation by other savannah dwelling creatures and having dedicated medicine men would've cause a decrease in infant mortality.

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