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Scott Kustes
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Default Friday is like Dessert

I just got done in the gym here at work. There's a super friendly guy that's about to turn 50. In quite good shape for his age. I was finishing up in the locker room and he came in and we got to talking and he said....I kid you not, I can't make this stuff up. "It's guns day. I love Fridays. It's like dessert. I do all the other stuff, then I get to work the guns." I was thinking "If you call your arms guns one more time, I'm going to laugh."

How bout you all....did you work your guns today? Cause apparently, it's motherf*(#$n arms day!

Edit: I just realized an incredible irony. The Gun Show is in town at the fairgrounds.

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Steve Shafley
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I love working gunz!@

My gunz workout looks a bit different though, Danny John style power curlz! curl grip chins! Then some high rep band hammer curlZ!
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Jeremy Jones
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at my house, the 'Gun Show' is always in town.

<kisses his biceps>

I am off to do some reverse batman curls on a swiss ball.
-Jeremy Jones
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Greg Everett
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I just curl beers, bitches.
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Mike ODonnell
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I always ask the classy ladies for their tickets first......before they go see the show..
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