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sarena kopciel
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Default Losing Flexibility

Just a thought/question here as I am progressing more into Olifting. as many know, I teach yoga and have been involved in that world for quite a few years. What I notice lately when I take my own yoga class (rarely these days--but maybe that is why!!), is that I have lost significant flexibility. All this while my lifts have improved.

I know that Olifting will supply me with the flexibility I need for Olifting etc but should I be concerned that I have lost general flexibility? I can still pretty much do forward facing splits; straddle splits were always less available to me.

However, we folded forward over straight legs (feet flexed) I can no longer fold even nearly completely flat! Lotus position feet is less available to me as well, where that was always easy for me. There are other instances where this has been noticed to.

I am just questioning....
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