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Allen Yeh
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Originally Posted by Stuart Mather View Post
I've always been a really slow eater, so I just have a bite now and then during my entire eating window, which at the moment alternates between four and five hours, seven days/wk, while I'm busy doing whatever else I'm doing. Chewing thoughtfully on a mouthful of food (rather than trying to gulp it down in a shorter 'meal' while you are trying to have a conversation), has always seemed a more natural way to eat to me. During that eating window, I'll sit down to eat the conventional evening 'meal' with my wife who eats much faster than I do. But the actual amount of food I eat during that time is very small. So I suppose that makes me a grazer, but only during my eating window. I find that four hours is plenty to graze enough high quality paleo/low carb food to completely satisfy me.

I do eat far less in total than when I was just low carb/paleoing, but I've gained muscle/ lost bodyfat too. I think it's the clean burn/efficient use of available calories aspect of IF that impresses me most.

I noticed that even though I went to basic training 4+ years ago now...I'm always shoveling my food down as fast as possible. Even when I try to eat slow, really all I do is eat the bite really fast and wait a little bit before I take another bite. Talk about being programmed!
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Scott Kustes
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Same with me Allen. I eat like a man possessed. It's like someone took my food away from me in a past life (they didn't). I have to tell myself to slow down and savor what I'm eating. I still haven't mastered it and I probably don't chew as well as I should. I can tell a difference in the amount of belching that goes on afterwards if I eat like a reasonable human being.

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Gant Grimes
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4 if I eat like a person. 2 if it's steak and chili day.
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Kevin Perry
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Interesting replies. I have to add, since jumping back onto If I have managed to get in about 3-4 meals per day and my consumption of fruits and vegetables has greatly increased. And my weight has remained steady between 136 and 138 with my body composition improving greatly. Now I have been sick with the flu the past few days and have not exercised at all but my diet has been fairly steady. Other than the flu, I have ben feeling great.

I think an odd bonus is the fact that everyone thinks im around 155-160lbs when im actually 136-138 on average. That does say something about what SS, and Oly lifting can do with the body combined with a good diet. And IF eventually takes care of the rest.
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