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Gant Grimes
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Very cool.
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Garrett Smith
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Awesome Derek. My wife, an ex-gymnast herself, thought it was great too!
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Blair Lowe
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Again, Derek, I really enjoyed your son's videos. I'm sure my dad would enjoy watching my guys competing since I watch the video two of the parents take after the first practice after the meet ( he lives in Colorado, and used to enjoy watching me do demos and coach my guys ).

My roomates were wondering what the heck I watching cause of the music.

Just because of the coach in me, I'm gonna say the following.

He arches when he does pullsups or his pullover. Lil' deduction there.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I enjoy watching this kid swing on apparatus. And vault, he has a nice running pattern that looks coordinated and I can see him doing the Level 5 vault ( some of my boys or girls look like a running mess about to crash and burn when vaulting ).

Get those arms by your ears during those cartwheels. I'm a real nut about that as I'd hate for my kids to get lazy about that. Stick that head in, Derek.

Pommel seems to be getting better and I think it's a function that he is just bigger so it's easier. That and of course, practice.

Knees tight, lil man!

Actually one thing I'm wondering and I'm gonna email a judge I know about is the last cartwheel in the floor pass. I teach my kids that the last cartwheel leg steps in to the first leg ( cartwheel step-in or cartwheel step together [ our gym even has a horrible name called cart-off ] ).

I've seen some coaches teach it as a cartwheel to lunge and then step in to stand. In the text, it's a little hazy whether it's cartwheel to lunge and then step in or step in before the foot touches the ground behind the first leg/foot. In the video, however, they do have the second leg step in and to the side of the first leg/foot landing in a stand with feet side by side ( this, of course is done completely through the vertical plane ).

Roger, calls it a cartwheel to hollow-stand.


I think I'm going to have to make sure we cut footage of our boy's for the end of the year show like we did at the last gym I was at.

Tomorrow is our last qualifier though L4 in our state is automatic. Get some at State the weekend after that!
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