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Jay Cohen
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Default Thanks for the URL and great information

Originally Posted by Greg Battaglia View Post
Thanks guys, and girls. Jay, definitely swing by the www.lowcarbmuscle.com forum. Plenty of good info from knowledgeable and experienced people over there. Anthony Colpo is pretty responsive to questions on there and he knows his stuff, so you can probably get plenty of good info there. Dr. Eades has good stuff as well. Alicia, you have problems with sleep while going keto? Try drinking more water. Dehydration can negatively affect sleep. Also, magnesium citrate a half hour before bed does a good job of knocking me out. I would tinker around to see what happens.
Thanks for the prompt response. Will bookmark the website, make it one of my many daily stops for reading material.

Day one went pretty good, will see how the weekend works, but should be OK.

Thanks very much again, the PM and CF community is really made up of great folks.

Super weekend to all.
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Steve Liberati
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wow I think I walked into a fire storm on Colpo's forum. First time to the site and the first post I read was about some turf war b/t Colpo and Dr. Eades. Getting pretty ugly too. Internet wars...gotta love it!
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Ari Kestler
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Ketones. Low Molecular weight lets you breathe/sweat these out. Their chemical characteristics/structure are responsible for the smell.
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Greg Battaglia
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Lol, Steve, I should have warned of that. There's a lot of that over there, which I'm not too fond of. AC is hot tempered but does deliver facts, regardless of his delivery. I think it's mainly cause he's frustrated and fed up with misinformation really. I think if you massively jack up the greens intake you might be able to avoid any keto-smells. Veggies contain chlorophyll, plus, it can never hurt to add more veggies. Have a good weekend, and Jay keep us posted with your progress.
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Jane Michel
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Just read this thread... I've been taking sugarfree breath mints throughout the day and think I need to put on a bit of perfume as well. Been doing IF (3 to 4-hour window) + Paleo with lots of veg and fruit but mom said I smelled funny yesterday.
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Gittit Shwartz
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This is day 9 of my modified Velocity Diet, the protocol being
6 shakes a day with
3/4 scoop whey protein + 1 tsp coconut oil + 1 tbsp milled flax seeds
1 tsp almond butter with shake 1 & 6
Various vitamin/mineral supplements and 4g fish oil/day
(Note: I've done this protocol before with only fish oils for fat - 6 caps with each shake - and I felt great, but this time around I had to drop the megadosing because it gave me fish oil diarrhea. Sorry if this is TMI!)
Several cups of green tea, occasionally black coffee
No Hot-Rox or Surge. I do take a packet of emergen-C after weight lifting/sprints (5g carbs from fructose). The nutritiondata.com analysis shows 47% calories from fat, 43% protein.

Not complaining about the results, but I don't see any signs of ketosis (no funny smells). Could it have something to do with the fact that whey protein (as opposed to casein) is so rapidly absorbed?
Actually I only know myself to be guilty of bad smells when I eat high carb crap...
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Garrett Smith
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I'm the same way. Too much bread and dairy and I've got B.O. for days...
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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