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Default Explain to me how this works...

I've had a significant weight gain because of a medication I must take. There is little chance that I will ever get to stop taking it .

I have been successful losing some of this weight since mid December with a 1500 calorie a day diet and by exercising. I'm generally using the BrandX scaled WODs. Today I topped it off the weightlifting off with a 800 meter run and stretching. I also chase a two year old.

My question is:
What more can I do to effectively burn the most calories or fat?

Why is it I have read so many times that the key to fat loss is jogging/cycling/whatever LSD for long periods of time?

How is it then, that tabatas are touted as being the most effective way to lose fat?

How can I add more protein? Today's ratio was 46% fat 29% carb 25 protein and I'm finding it to be difficult to eat enough protein. It's easy to eat enough fat though - nuts, avocados, olive oil, eggs.

Should I be scaling back on my fat consumption?

Any other information I should tell you?
I have a lean body mass of about 120.
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