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Cassidy Drake
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Default 6 Week Article I wrote

Since it was asked about in the other thread here is is. I wrote it for another forum over a year ago, but none the less it applies here as well.

Lots of questions on this lately, this article is over a year old since I worote it, hell I was still married when I wrote it lol. None the less, this should help out some of the questions or those looking for a *sigh* sample routine.

OK tons of questions on this lately. So lets get to the point of the matter. Yes it is definately one of my favorite modalities for workouts. Yes it is brutal. Yes, it produces results. Yes, it only last or 20 minutes on normal day. Yes, it can make you puke, hurl, up chuck, which ever term you like to use lol.

Now that being said it is also a great way to workout with infinite ways of putting it together or making it work for people with individual needs or old injuries etc. This is the ONE TIME you will see me put up a program that anyone can use for a period of six weeks and perform at maximal levels upon leaving the program. It is not for the weak of heart, and it is not a program used for adding muscle size generally speaking. Although that boils down to calories consumed versus used, it is a different conditioning regiment, that sort of puts that general rule of thumb on hold for a little bit.

A few things before I get started. Without proper rest, and diet this will break you. Sleep must be something you get adequate amounts of, if not this will break you down. You need to keep yourself at optimal levels with nutrient intakes. Healthy fats, carbs from natural sources, lean meats, fish etc. Vitamin C and fish oil are always something I recommend along with a good multi vitamin( I use animal pack, my wife uses womens fitness packs, they even have a monthly week pack if you know what I mean. both are from universal Nutrition) For better recovery contrasting showers do well, also the sleep and food play a key role in this as well.

Now some people or programs throw these conditioning programs together with no set plan or reason. Not leaving anything to know what will be done next etc. I don't believe in that. Never have with fitness. Never will. So, this is a precise six week program. Follow it and I guarantee it will work. Don't follow it and tinker with the way I made it out, and it doesn't work, don't bitch . All of my clients in the past that have followed any of my programs can tell you that they work, of course all of them followed it to a T, and left the questioning to general questions, like what does this work, what can I do to improve this etc, etc.

The days. Simple this is a M/W/F program. Tuesday and thursday, hiking, soccer, basketball, sled pulling etc would be what I would recommend, if you add in another day of lifting or some other maximal effort exercise( with exception to strongman implements, sled draggng, or guerilla cardio) and you hit a brick wall it will not be because I didn't tell you so. So lets get down to it. Each day will start off with a power movement. One and only one. For instance Power cleans, Standing shoulder press, Push Jerks, Db Snatches etc. no bench press, no curls no anything of that nature.

Then it will be followed by 12-20 minutes of metabolic conditioning, the whole workout should never exceed 30 minutes. If you think it looks easy, give it two weeks then tell me how easy it is. Mondays and Fridays are the true power days, Wed will always be a day to mix things up a bit and to see how much you can push yourself to by setting a set amount of reps, and sets for you to beat your time each week from the previous time you did that workout. Again any questions ask them, not ARGUE about this or else I will just delete it, and you can figure it out on your own, do your own research, build yourself a program and see how well it works for you. But honest questions are always welcomed and encouraged.

Now, metabolic conditioning is a process where specific activities are utilized to improve the body's ability to produce and store energy. The body produces energy Anaerobically(without Oxygen)and Aerobically (with oxygen) . Both ways produce energy necessary for muscle contraction from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stores. Systems that produce ATP are termed as the Oxidative system, Phos****en system, Glycolysis system. One energy system could be responsible for producing the majority of energy necessary for a particular activity, but each system is responsible for producing a portion of that energy. There is set point in time or place where one system stops producing energy. Transition from one energy system as the major supplier to another is a gradual process. Just one of these workouts will tax your body's complete musculature and cardiovascular system to the absolute limit if performed correctly.

Now all power movements done on monday and friday before the metabolic conditioning session are to be done in five sets of three two minutes rest in between sets. As for the metabolic conditioning on those days, the reps are simple. Weeks 1 and 4 it is 9 reps per exercise movement. Weeks 2 and 5 it is 6 reps per exercise movement. And weeks 3 and six it is 3 reps per exercise movement. In the sequence there is no rest what so ever until the last exercise is completed. Rest as much as needed between sets, but at the same time as little as possible. When it is a barbell complex, it is easiest for me to just not let go of the barbell until the entire sequence is finished, now that does not include re-gripping or anything like that. I just use it as a rule of thumb to keep me going. Again, deviate from the set protocol and who knows how it will work, the reps are in that pattern for a reason. Also on the barbell sequence days, make sure you pick a weight that you never have to adjust during the actual sets being performed.

For instance on week 1 and four I would pick 185 for the barbell(this for me not a newbie) and so forth and so on, for a beginner who has a strength training background 155 or maybe 95 or 135 try it and see, everyone should know their basic strength level and capacity for endurance at that level. As the weeks go on it is fine to change the weight used for the power movements used at the beginning of the workout. However NEVER change the metabolic portion weight, you want to see how much of a improvement is made over the six weeks.

OK now that it is all out of the way and said and done here we go. Weeks one through six. Make note that weeks 1-3 are the exact same as weeks 4-6 the reason being for measurement of performance levels and changes that have occured in the time allowed. There will only be a few reasons for failure. One, no sleep, two not eating enough good foods, THREE and I stress the most important one, not enough healthy fats in your diet due to to media bullshit propoganda.

Week 1 and 4

Mon. One arm Dumbell press neutral grip, this is performed standing up, one arm at a time. Reps and sets as listed before.

Metabolic conditioning
Standing barbell press
Push jerks
Push press
push ups

Complete this sequence seven times as fast as possible.

Wed. 21 DB swings( most people use 35 or 55 pound DB's) run 400 meters, perform 30 sit ups, complete 4 sets of this as fast as possible record your time.

Deadlift Reps and sets as listed before.

Metabolic conditioning. If you have a decent strength base such as G4E, Barut, Pbradish 135 is a good starting point
Dimmel deads
Full power cleans
Power cleans

complete this as many times as you can in twenty minutes

Weeks 2 and 5

SOHP same reps and sets as always

Metabolic conditioning
Handstand push ups
push ups
Push press
Push jerks
Complete that sequence 5 times for time.

Wed. DB snatches performing sets of ten one arm at a time. Men take 35 LB dumbells women 20lbs. Perform as many sets of ten as you can in 20 minutes record your time

Squats same sequence as always

Metabolic conditioning
overhead squat
clean and press
push press
front squat careful what you guess for weight to use on this one.

Weeks 3 and 6

Monday Push Jerks same reps and sets as always for the power movement.

Metabolic conditioning
PUSH press
Push ups
feet elevated push ups
Complete five rounds as fast as you can

Wed. 21 DB swings, followed by max effort DB snatches for one rep as many sets as possible in 20 minutes

Power cleans same reps and sets as always

Metabolic conditioning
hang cleans
bent over barbell rows
dimmel deads

There you have it. A program that works for beginners or elite trainers. Now, I will be off line for about a week or so only able to pop in a little here and there, moving from Tokyo to Utah takes some effort and time, also time with family that I haven't seen more than a few times in the last five years, including some of which I haven't seen at all in that time. If you can't understand it oh well nothing I could tell you would help. I am sure people that have trained with me or those that have been training for a long time would know how to help as well. Barut and Brad this is what I was making for your next six weeks as well adjust as need my aussie friend around your grueling schedule. Good luck to everyone, you will not be disapointed with the results.
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