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Your cholesterol level is slightly elevated at 205 and your HDL was elevated at 78 which is good news, but your LDL is also high at 122, ideally we like to see this below 100.
Eades says total cholesterol should be 160-220 as that is where the lowest risk is for any heart disease. Also when you eat more Paleo your LDL will go up, but that is ok because your HDL will also go up and Triglycerides (the most important factor) goes down. He says the more important ratio is Triglycerides to HDL and you want that lower than 5. Also like mentioned above your particle size of LDL is more important than the total number. The BIG kind are the good kind that do not harden the arteries, the SMALLER kind is the bad kind. Eating Paleo and lower carb should give you more of the Bigger kinds.

Usually the initial treatment is cutting down on the fat in the diet, so eliminating red meats and switching to Egg Beaters from regular eggs, or at least limiting the yolks would be a good place to start.
Siggghhhhhhh.............don't even know where to start with this nonsense......how about 20% of the body's total cholesterol comes from diet and oh yeah by the way....if you lower dietary cholesterol the liver will just make more. Cholesterol helps us not to get dumber (as it is crucial to brain function)...I find irony in the fact that modern medicine want to get it as low as possible...and they wonder why alzheimers is increasing? Relation to increased statin use? Hmmmmmmm
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