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Kevin Perry
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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
What's OJT?

And from the sound of it, there aren't going to be too many personal trainers in SC in the relatively near future...
Well my school offers OJT (On the Job Training) for their personal training course. You work 16 weeks at a gym while going to school and what our director was telling us was the the job market was actually steady for the upstate area (this could probably be just the greenville and surrounding areas) And our schools information portal and job outlook portal are showing that the demand for personal trainers is steady and expect it to increase.

Keep the day job though.. I have a back groun in Automotive assembly and welding and we have BMW and suppliers and soon Volkswagen. As the job marketout here is about to explode.
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Mike ODonnell
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Didn't someone try to get a "national" test for CPT like last year? It will never happen. That and most certs are such a scam anyways wanting more and more money year after year. Great part about working for youself, don't have to buy into that crap anymore. Ironically you can even get insurance without being certified....of course that will never help your credentials any to the general public.
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Steve Liberati
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Don't underestimate the NSCA CSCS test. Its quite techinical and difficult if you do not have a science background in anatomy, kinesiology, or related field.

CrossFit now requires a CF cert in order to run an affiliate.
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