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James Evans
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Default Crossover between athletics and contact sports (and a tale of steroid abuse)

I found this an interesting read this morning:


Dwain Chambers was banned from athletics for two years for juicing, tried his hand at American Football (twice) without much success and returned to the track this season. He has been an absolute nightmare for UK Athletics because his form was such that he was in a position to win a place at the World Indoor Championships. Come the national trials they were willing him to lose. He didn't. If he didn't get picked he would have sued them. End result: he now has a silver from the Worlds at 60 metres.

The constitution of the British Olympic Committe bars Chambers from being selected for Beijing but there is a suggestion he may appeal. In the meantime he is broke (having, amongst other things had to pay back winnings from the period when he wasn't competing clean). So he is having a go at Rugby League on a one month trial at Castleford Tigers. It seems being a sub-10 second 100 metre runner is not your immediate gateway to greatness in other sports and I found the following extract from the article of note:

Full contact training comes next week, by which time Chambers will have his gumshield and headguard fitted. One of the biggest obstacles, though, is his fitness. “He is used to anaerobic exercise to build power,” Riddell said. “Bouncing the medicine ball on the car park, he's banging into the ground harder than anyone. But he's not used to aerobic activity. He has no endurance. We're having to deconstruct him as a sprinter.”
I wish him well, purely on the grounds that Rugby League is a brutally tough sport and he is a talented, if misguided athlete.
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Allen Yeh
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Let us know how he does, I'd be interested to see how it goes.
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Pete Johnson
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It will be interesting to see how it goes.

No excusing the juicing but it seems that in the UK press he's been vilified more for his honesty and his belief that a clean athlete won't beat the roided
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