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Nikki Young
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Thanks Garrett, i'll have a good read on your suggestions.

My nana has a heap of illnesses, very bad arthritis, HBP (though very thin), she also has modules on her lungs which are getting checked regularly cause they don't know what they are yet, they are just some things she has.. From what i've briefly read on the lazer therapy you mentioned, it's all natural without drugs or anything, but i just want to make sure that it won't cause any additional stress to the body, just because my nana is pretty fragile at the moment..

Is there anything she could do to help increase her lung/breathing capasity in the mean time?
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Garrett Smith
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The cold laser therapy will not stress the body.

Also, if she has osteoarthritis, avoiding nightshades will help the whole picture.

As for lung capacity stuff, that's not where my expertise is. I work on healing the tissues and let everything else fall into place.
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Nikki Young View Post
Is there anything she could do to help increase her lung/breathing capasity in the mean time?
How about some simple deep breathing once in a while....breathing from the diaphram (not the chest). Much like any muscle...if you don't use it, you lose capacity. Most people use very little diaphram and lung capacity in their normal shallow chest breathing....so doing some deep breaths may be able to help those out.....

just an idea....
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Cathy Wilson
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Default Asthma

I had a friend who had terrible asthma as a child, so he took up tuba lessons. he ended up being a professional tubist, and it improved his asthma tremendously.l the regular practicing helped increase his endurance and lung capacity.
cathy wilson
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