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Kelly Frankson
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Default Goats Milk

Any thoughts on Goats milk?

I used to eat a whole lot of dairy (Milk, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Cheese...) and have been trying to cut it out. Been using Keefer in my smoothies and was recently introduced to goats milk yogurt and was wondering what people thought about it compared to regular.
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sarena kopciel
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I would say personally for me RAW goats milk yogurt is fine! I get terribly congested from any cows milks products--raw or not. I do not experience the same from raw goats milk yogurt though! But what I am eating, I make myself. I get raw goats milk delivered and make a raw (technically since temp below 110) yogurt...
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Garrett Smith
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I love raw goat milk. Too bad it costs $8 for a HALF gallon.
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