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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post

The stock saw cuts looked incredible also. They were fast, thin and perfectly straight. The hot saw was smoking! That was definitely a winning run in competition.

Once again you have leaned up a ton in the last few months.

Thanks Derek,
I'm working on it. It's a slooooow life changing process with me. The scales don't have me much lighter and the bodyfat on the scale is only about three or four percent less. But I feel and I think I look different. Nothing profound. Just different. I hope it plays out well.

I love Army of Darkness.....one of my favorites. The whole time I'm watching the movie, I kept on saying to myself....when's he gonna run out of gas....then I remembered how Rambo never changed a clip. That's just the way they roll in Hollywood.

All the best,
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