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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Thanks John,
I am a born puller who's very simian in appearance- long arms, short legs, and a short torso. I don't do low reps ME sets anymore. The last time I singled anything of significance was last February training with Phil when I stood up with 775. Since that time, per the insistence of my wife, I have not pulled anything over 625 (her exact words were "you're a lumberjack, not a strongman; if you get hemmorroids I don't wanna hear about it." ).

My best power clean starting last fall was 275. And boy was it a slow reverse curl. Right now, I reckon I could squat clean that pretty easy and probably power clean somewhere in the low 3s. I haven't gone anywhere near a max and played with 315 for a few reps back in December. I'm still learning to pull myself under the bar with weights that push me. Part of me wants to stick with the more comfortable weights until I get closer to mastering the technique.

I've ditched all supportive gear in the squats. I set a PR a few days ago in the front squat holding it in a rack position. I got 385. I can "cross your heart" a lot more than that, but I want to get the flexibility in my wrist and shoulders. I dumped 405 during the same session. I think my daughters and I are going to do a weighlifting comp at East Coast Gold in Moorestown this Fall. Oh boy.

On the back squats, I haven't gone over 455 in years. Could go calves on hammys for a few reps I reckon, but I don't know. It's been a while. I really don't know if I want to anymore.

All the best,

Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Right on.
Just curious about some of our numbers across lifts. I know Arden pulls big!

My best clean (missed the jerk) is 115kg (252#), best back squat (ATG upright high bar oly style) a 300lb single, but I don't think I've pulled more than 315# off the floor before, not having tried more than that one time. I've RDL'ed 255# for sets of 5 but that was a while ago. Actually, all these numbers are more than what I could do right now. Sigh...
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