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Brandon Enos
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Default Sacrificing Deadlift Numbers

If one were to take deadlifting out of their program for ~2 months or so, but were rotating cleans and snatches (ie Day A was clean, Day B was snatch). Do you believe they would see any significant loss in pounds when returning to deadlifts? If so, how much would you guess?

Here's a rough draft of the program Im putting together (note this is going to be after I get done with the ME Black Box variant Im on right now and the exercises are in no particualr order yet):

Done Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

A Day -
Back Squat
Bench Press

B Day -
Front Squat
Standing Press

Followed by abdominal and grip work.

And yes, I did get the base template from SS, but modified it a bit based on my goals.

I dont really need deadlifting in my program right now with my goals, but at the same time, dont want to see any significant loss in numbers when I go back.
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