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Old 05-21-2008, 10:38 AM   #17
Dave Van Skike
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better yet...do deadlifts and explosive pulls.

this doesn't have to be complicated. anytime I'm worried about losing the groove in a lift I'll keep it in either a warm up or a back off set. for deadlifts here's what i've done. it's similar to the "progressive pull" thing you've heard of.

work up to a heavy double or triple in

power snatch,
snatch or clean hi pull.

(i don't compete in or care about the full lifts, so you'll be different here)


a couple back off set of fast deadlifts, doubles to keep you honest but never more than 70%. (more like 50-65% is my sweet spot) this should be FAST & eazzzy. just to keep your brain in the deadlift genre but not to drive some big muscular adaptation.

if it's a big day. I'll finish with a quick little circuit of assist moves, 2-3 sets of barbell or DB rows/fast "lite" shrugs/ghr and grip work.

the deads aren't taxing, in some, ways they are like a heavy pull without a knee rebend and without a shrug, done at the end they won't screw your mechanics up too bad (if you believe in that sort of thing). you won't lose your dead and you might even get better.
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