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Jay L Swan
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Default hybrid endurance training

So my dirty little secret (and I'm letting it out on my third post) is that I'm sort of an endurance athlete.

For most of my life, my athletic endeavors revolved entirely around martial arts. I didn't do much dedicated S&C until the early-to-mid-90s, and for a few years it consisted mostly of sporadic hill running and bodybuilding-type weight training that I picked up from friends. In the late 90s I started reading T-Nation (then Testosterone) and started focusing on multi-joint exercises. In 2000 I moved to Colorado and wanted to see the backcountry, but I didn't have time for backpacking trips.

This got me interested in LSD trail running. This started in 2001/2002, and by 2005 I had worked up to a 50-mile trail race. Everything I did was on trails, usually with several thousand feet of climb, at altitude. I think I became aware of CrossFit in 2003 or 2004, and played with it on and off for quite a while.

After the 50-mile trail race, I was dissatisfied with how weak I'd gotten. It was also around this time that I discovered Gym Jones. I started messing around with doing high-intensity circuits during the week, and long run/hikes on the weekends. This worked quite well.

Last year I was continuing with this program until I got injured (one injury from starting martial arts again, the other from standing in tight rock shoes for too long). Right now my running is limited to the 6-10 mile range, so I'm focusing on increasing speed at shorter distances, and on getting stronger. The current program looks like this:

Monday - strength (weighted pullups and squats)
Tuesday - 5.5 mile run with intervals according to feel
Wed - met con circuit
Thurs - strength (weighted dips or floor press and squats)
Fri/Sat/Sun - rest, met con, or run/hike, depending on family obligations

I'm mainly posting this to see if there are any other endurance-ish athletes out there who do similar types of work. I am simultaneously sympathetic to and mystified by the anti-endurance meme. If I lived in the city I would never run--excruciatingly boring. But living in the mountains, I can't see how anybody doesn't want to run the trails.
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