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chris adams
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Default June 08 PM mass gain

Hello! Thanks again for putting out a quality journal. So many times I thankful that I'm now reading this instead of the latest issues of the general H & F mags.

I have a couple questions regarding the june 08 mass gain template. Which I started on Monday.

Today (tuesday's) workout calls for 60 % 1rm power C&J which, when I tried, seemed very light. (my 1rm = 195.... 60% = apporx 120) I didn't have any taxation at all. It felt more like just warming up.

Q. When a wt seems "too light" should I up the wt?

Q. Also, what is the rest period between sets of the heavier lifts? I figured it was just enough time for recovery (ie a couple breaths during the back squats). If I start getting towards failure then I figured I would extend the rest period a little bit more.

Thanks for your time!
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