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Charles Moreland
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I actually have this same issue. It's taken me several months of work Marcus but I can now get to the point where I can sit and not hold on to anything. Trust me, LONG TIME. It took me 4 months of dedicated work to even get my squats lower than parallel. When I sit in the "asian" squat, I notice my shins are not forward at all and are actually relatively vertical, so I have to rely on better hip mobility.

I also generously stretch my soleus and have seen very minor mobility gains. I've noticed even a 5 degree raise in my heels will make this position feel absolutely comfortable in every way yet I cannot seem to force my shins forward in this position.

For me this position is very much a workout and involves most of my posterior chain to hold balance. It isn't relaxing at all.

edit - I didn't realize this was my first post. I've been a troll here for wayyyy too long...
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