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Frank Needham
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Default Power

I carry my copy of SS around with me in my ruck just about everywhere and have gone over sections of it many times. When the moment allows I will open it up and just flip to some particular section that interests me at the time. Well, I did this the other day to review the section on the power clean and was again stuck by how great this book is and how chock full of ideas it is. The part I'm thinking of at this time is on page 158 starting in the first paragraph and describes how power and strength are related. In one or two sentences Rippetoe lays out the entire Westside philosophy and how to train the slow lifts as if they are O-lifts, yes thats right, O-lifts. He also describes another program that I'm not familiar with. I mean, there on that page alone there is enough material to develop workout programs that would last one for years to come and they are so effective. What an excellent book! If someone is fortunate enough to pick up this book at a very young age and had the focus to stick to it there is no telling what they might achieve. I thought that I was fortunate to have been taught weights in high school PE but sure would have liked to come across this at that time.
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