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joe waguespack
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Default Calorie high? Is it possible?

I have finally found my perfect IF blend. Mon-Fri I fast between 16-19 hours (yes I actually am paying attention to the "I" in intermittent) on heavy training days I eat about 2 hours before my training and have my largest meal post workout ( Lean Gains approach). THis day usually includes oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit and veggies as my carb sources. On my lighter Metcon days I train fasted and go slightly lower carb (just fruit and veggies).

Usually on Saturdays I will do a 20+ hour fast and break it with a higher calorie "cheat" meal which , for the past two weeks, has consisted of a whole baked chicken(minus skin of course) and a pint of ice cream.I will eat for the next few hours, mainly fattier meat (ribs, brisket) and ice cream as desert.

THis is just one day a week that I eat like this and so far in two weeks of this I have put on 5lbs and definitely even leaned out a little.My strength has gone up and my lifts have as well. So I think I have found a good mix , for now. I love IF so I am glad I have found a eat/fast/train mix that works.

OK , now my question. On my "over"indulgence days , I feel almost drunk after I eat. I don't stuff myself to sickness, but I definitely feel almost loaded. Could it be the massive intake of calories, or maybe the sugar from ice cream that I am not used to? Or is there something metabolic that is going on? Just curious, since this only happens on my high calorie days.
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