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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Steve Forman View Post
Trying to fine tune my knowlege here: carbs means fruit and veggies only or is a there a time for starchy carbs???

Oh yeah, thanks for posting this Michael, I am also getting imput over load, and need to simplify.

If you are already lean and active...have fruit with veggies as you will most likely not care more about fat loss and can handle the carbs without spilling over into fat cells.

If you are 25+% Bodyfat and need to lose fat, dump the fruit on non-strength training days....as you don't want to burn those sugars for fuel...you want to burn fat.
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Steve Forman
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thanks for the clarification!
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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
To get through a workout, keep the intensity high, lift more, create more muscle tears and recover right after (as that is the purpose of a strength/weight day). Doing high carbs on metcon/cardio days is a waste of time in the fat loss equation. The amount of carbs is always the individual point that one must fine tune to balance fat loss with muscle.
Yeah this is what I thought would be the bennifit after I reflected on the post and the threads intention. I have a tendence to carb up during the first 39 min after a high rep anabolic WO which is what the majority of my metcon work outs are however I realise that my goal is to keep my performance capabilities in tact through glycogen restaration durring periods of high training intensity. I hadn't thought of doing the opposite aproach when anting to lower BF. then the higher carb on strength days would allow for the proper muscle regeneration to maintain mas ahile allowing for any excess carb calories to be stored in the depleted glycogen banks.

Thanx again Mike.
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