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Default possible to lean out with XX blocks?

Thanks for the opportunity to tap into your knowledge.
I'm 5-9, 155lbs and about 10% bodyfat. I do the WOD or some kind of Oly lifting about 5 times a week.

I eat mostly Zone/Paleo @15 blocks and have found that 4-5x fat blocks provides me with the best overall performance, recovery and sense of well being.

When I cut my fat blocks down to standard zone ratios, I suffer from hypoglycemic type symptoms (low blood sugar and fatigue), so I would like to maintain my current fat intake.

I have a bit of fat on the front of my stomach (though not much, and I am very lean everywhere else). Could you recommend a strategy to lean out a bit more, while retaining the high fat content in my diet?

Thanks again, I enjoy the site and the Performance Menu.
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