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Ron Nelson
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Default The Afterburn Experience

After almost a year of putting it off, I finally decided to give the Afterburn program by Alwyn Cosgrove a go. When I first purchased the program, I felt the usual "buyer's remorse." You know, the "how could I spend almost $50 for an e-book that tells me much of what I already knew." So, it sat on my computer for 10 months waiting to be read. . .again, and used.

I finally read it again after finding out Dan John was using it to further his weight loss goal after his Velocity Diet experiment. Since I wasn't going to be going 28 days on shakes for a while (the wife just wouldn't understand and I may not be ready for that type of commitment), I decided to take another look at Afterburn. Other factors that prompted me to do this were the way my pants were fitting (or not fitting), newly gained strength, a growing gut, and my recent car accident that limited the amount of overhead work I could do.

So, I started last Thursday (1-18-07) with day one. The workout calls for 2-3 sets of 20 reps of various exercises (I'm a little wary of going into great detail as AC does charge $50 for the book and copyright infringement seems to be such a hot button issue around these parts). Day one is squat-push up day. Sets are performed in super sets with little or no rest between. Dan once said that you'll scoff at the workouts until your lungs jump put of your chest and attach themselves to an oxygen tank. He wasn't exaggerating. Doing high rep squats followed by a push up variation is daunting, especially if your ego tells you to put some decent weight on the bar. By set 2, I had lowered the squat weight to 95# and felt like crying. . .like Nancy Kerrigan. The rest of the workout is supersets of step ups (I think AC channeled that Waterbury guy with the high frequency training stuff) and rows, then crunches and something called SHELC. Both of the last moves are done on a Swiss ball. Don't laugh, I had a hell of a time keeping the frickin' ball in one place.

Day one left me sore, sweaty, and exhausted, and that was before the "cardio" which is really HIIT done for a few rounds. Couldn't wait for day two.

More on that later.
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