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joe waguespack
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Default Replacing Carb blocks with Fat blocks

I saw an older post of Rob Wolf's where he answered a question about upping fat blocks. He suggested that the OP add 3 fat blocks for every Carb block that was removed, the example was if you remove 6 carb blocks from your daily intake than add 18 fat blocks. This interests me because I have recently been experimenting with a lower carb intake. I'm always trying something new and this is my latest. I IF right now with great results, but have still been sticking with a loose Zone block framework for my daily intake. I just like having a template to work from when it comes to intake, I'm OCD like that.

If I wanted to drop carbs out completely as an experiment and I am doing 16 blocks a day, would that mean that I add 48 fat blocks on top of the already existing 16 fat blocks, thats 64 blocks of fat?! If that is the case , does that refer to fat as 3 grams per block or 1.5 grams per block.

So if I understand this correctly, my daily intake would be 16 blocks of protein and 64 blocks of fat.

Don't know if I really just misunderstood this or not, but it's something I would like to try and want to get it right.
Here is the original post:

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