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Daniel Christensen
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Default "Vertical Development"

First Post

Training Goals for Year
1) Get lean, stay lean: get under 10% BF as measured by the Tanita scales at my gym (currently at 12.9%ish) plus lose a few cms of tummy… stay that way.
2) Build some “horsepower” in my legs: get 1RM DL and back squat above 150% BW (BW=90kgs)… I’ve actually already DL’d 140kgs this year, the remaining goal is to be able to back squat that amount.
3) Continue to round out positional abilities in BJJ.
4) Improve take-downs.
5) Sharpen up striking game, particularly at close-middle range.

Current Program (give or take a bit)
Mon: Rest
Tues: Noon – Gym, PM – BJJ (1.5 hrs)
Weds: Noon- Ashatanga Yoga (1hr)
Thurs: PM – BJJ (1 hr), Kickboxing (1hr)
Fri: Noon - Gym
Sat: AM – BJJ (1.5hrs)
Sun: Noon - Gym

Diet: Protein Power-esque with a few too-frequent cheat meals. IF Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Gym Program: My Mon, Sun gym workouts are based on the bodyweight program from Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Development Bible, Fri was based on the beginners plyometrics workout plus a little bit of other stuff, but as of today I’m going to drop back on the plyos and do more “other stuff” (maintenance work) as my feet and knees are getting too sore. My gym workouts taking 70-90 minutes (I’d prefer less, but that’s the best I can do).

Story… inspired by my first serious batch of basketball in 12 or so years and the good rap he got here I bought Kelly’s e-book, was impressed, decided to stick with program. I’m trying to stick to programs more, and decided to start at the beginning (i.e. bodyweight program), even though I have access to a gym.


Impressions of bodyweight program… I bought the e-book just before Christmas. The volume is killing me… week 1 of the BW program finishes with 2 x 100 reps BW squat (after 2 x 15 bulgraian squats, with extra slow negatives, plus some walls squats). It took me about 3 weeks to get through week 1, then I got bored, moved on to the next phase of the BW program.

Apart from the volume, I’m liking it – I like the variety of the exercises, I like the current emphasis on control, and I like finishing with a high rep set (of limited utility as it is for building maximal strength)… when I’m doing my 100 squats I can feel a little superior to the guy doing leg extensions. I’ll be glad when the program shifts to weights, but I also feel good for just sticking to a program.

In terms of both my bodyfat and “horsepower” goals, I’m not sure I’m making the best of progress, but I feel that the BW leg program is laying in some foundation for the year to follow.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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