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michael cooley
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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
If I understand correctly, the PC boils down to a controlled jump in the sense that you won't want to waste effort on generating force to get higher off the ground, but instead to jump (eventually) a short elevation with lots of weight?
You've got it, Toyota. Once you have the technique dialed in, the fact that you're getting more significant air time right now just means you'll be able to (i) increase the weight or (ii) pull harder (which has the same effect). With lighter weights right now, you'll have to pull "less hard" to only come the requisite "fraction of an inch" off the ground. Once you start adding weight, the heavier weight will take care of that for you pretty quickly.

Thinking about the second pull as nothing more than jumping with a barbell in your hands is probably the single best mental cue you can use.

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Greg Everett
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What Michael said.

The thing to keep in mind is that the mechanics of that second pull really are no different than a vertical jump. The reason you don't leave the ground as much is that 1) you have a bar weighing you down and 2) you're pulling yourself down under the bar as soon as you reach full extension of the body.

#2 is really the key and that's what will keep your technique sound regardless of weight.
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Frank Needham
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Got it, I'll post a new vid after some practice.
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