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Steven Low
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Default steve's log (bw/gymnastics)

Going reupdate this first post with the last 10 workouts I've done in a bit. Namely because powerathletesmag which I was using has gone down again, so I'm probably going to make a permanent switch over to here with my log.

Need to rearchive my previous entries (65 pages worth of 15 posts on each page) and send them to e-mail (because I only have them on this computer ATM). However, starting now we should be good.

Previous log was here from 05.07.23 to 08.08.13. Rest in peace.


Couple misc vids I uploaded within the past month or two (2x OAC & 15 lbs OAC statics):


Last page of logs:

Thurs: Rest again.

Might be up for some light work tomorrow.. we shall see. My snuffed up nose is almost gone.

Fri: 1x3b OAC

Still have my strength thankfully. Went for a fourth but it didn't happen.

I will probably do something tonight, but I don't know what yet. Probably about same volume with OAC and add in a bit of planche work moving back into my cycle again.

Sat: Was out doing stuff all day so when I got back didn't feel like working out (not to mention I only got 3 hrs of sleep).


OAC: 5x2b
rings PPPUs: 4x3 + 10s hold

Felt pretty good today. This was the most volume I have done with OACs in a session (10 each arm).

We shall see where I going to go from here. Probably something light tomorrow (expecting some soreness) and then back into some heavier work Tues/Wed then onto regular schedule.


Eccentric from invert, straddle FL pullups, pull to invert: 3x5
BLMPL: 4x4

Kind of a moderate workout.. made me perspire very lightly.


OAC: 1x4.5l, 1x5r @ 20s rest pause; 1x3.5l, 1x4r @ 20s rest pause.
rings PPPUs: 3x3 + 10s hold

Tough OAC work. Rested 20s between left immediate right OAC... did a bit better than I expected volume-wise, but this felt really good overall. My posterior shoulders start to cramp up after too many OAC so I gotta massage them now.

Planche work was ok. Unfortunately, I don't get much of a good gauge from pseudos, but overall yesterday the BLMPL felt pretty good. Um, last time I approached straddle planche like this it kind snuck up on me; I should be able to get a decent gauge on Thurs as I am going to the gym. Will probably check out the Galimore progression (front lever - muscle up - straddle planche) as well. Going to rest tomorrow to be fresh for that.


Some stretching.. (need to do splits :x) but mostly rest today. I'm actually pretty sore as well so rest is good.


Played around in the gym. Got on the dream machine with some L-cross, maltese and planche work and a couple inverted cross (hard to find the balance point). I can pretty much do these pretty easily with half my weight now (2 pulleys = 1/2 weight) so that's great! In other news, tried a couple galimores in a row -- GREAT exercise. If I had the setup I would do these. I also want to set up a pulley system so I can do maltese work. Bah.

OAC: 1x3b alternating; 1x3l, 1x2.5r alternating
PPPUs: 3x5 (purposely squeeze every muscle while pushing -- helped a lot I think)

Med-light day. I feel pretty good right now.

Will probably go hard tomorrow.


OAC: 4x2 alternating @ 1min rest pause
On knee rings maltese: 3x5 pushouts (can do about 1-2 then need to assist slightly)
straddle FL pullups: 3x5

More work in less time with the OACs. Feels pretty good -- 8 with 3 mins of rest. Previously was 8x1 w/ 1 minute rest (about a week or two ago) and then recently did 5 w/ 20s rest pause but that's only 5 in 1:20 which is unsustainable for me at the moment. I'll probably try this next week or go for 1x4.

Started back up with the pure maltese work. I want to hit horizontal because I didn't feel like I was getting good stress, and I was right. These are insanely hard even from the knees... it's cross progression all over again (back of the knees moving to heels), lol.

straddle FL pullups mainly just for scap retraction!

Tomorrow I'll be playing golf so I'm gonna rest after that and then Sun will probably be rest as well. Give my elbows a break although they're not feeling bad at all right now.
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