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joe waguespack
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I think God doesn't want me to be successful on low carb dietary experiments. LOL. The last time I did a diet like this was back in 1997 when I did the Bodyopus diet. I remember as the first carb up weekend approached and I had my nice IHOP breakfast planned, BOOM a hurricane hit. THis weekend, again my first carb up planned at IHOP and , BOOM a hurricane is hitting. My wife and I need to evacuate on Saturday , which will cause me to again miss my IHOP breakfast. Funny how I remember things like this.Oh well, I will try and make due the best I can, not being able to cook and plan out my meals will throw off my ratios , but I will try and get it done the best way I can. I'll be taking a few kettlebells on the road so at least I can train a little still.
I guess thats life in Louisiana. After Katrina the city was shut down for months , which greatly effected my routine. I'll just have to overcome and adapt. At least this time I have 11 more years of diet and training experience , so I can make it work. I'll just have to get creative.
"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment."
- Jim Rohn
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