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Default Diet

I asked Eva T whom I've never met in person about her diet. I dabble with crossfit I really like the variety but I also do a fair amount of Westside based lifting using Bands, chains etc. I also run a fair amount.
My question I'm currently 6'4" 240 lbs and I'm trying to lean out and increase my vascularity. Anyway, I'm quasi-vegitarian ( a don't eat red meat) I recently started trying to eating a small meal every two no more than three hours.... Primarily consisting of Lean Chicken breast, vegetables ( Broccoli or spinach) grapes,pineapple, LARA Bars, Almonds ( Blue diamond ) or my weakeness Sunflowers seeds which I could eat all day. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Wobenzym for periodic Inflammation
Muscle Milk occasionaly
Lots of water at least 12 8 oz serving a day
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