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Steven Low
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Weds: 6 hours of sleep. Felt ok.

Supposed to be a rest day but I went and did some press handstands on rings, attempted a couple malteses, held a cross for a couple seconds and other work on pommels, pbars. Was fun though so I can't complain. Not sure how this will mess with recovery though.

Did knee work + ice. It's regressed very slightly but overall still improved much over two weeks ago.

Starting working english handstand a bit. This will be fun.

Oh yes, and I weighted myself today: 126 lbs. WTF seriously.. I guess that's why all of the OAC work has gotten so easy. My legs have atrophied a bit since the knee, but my upper body has hypertrophied some. I don't understand where the mass is going to. However, I am going to try to get on a more daytime schedule instead of staying up 'til 3 AM so I can get more meals in. I want to get back up to 130-135 again and hopefully when my knee gets better into 140-145 range. Hard right now that I can't squat, DL, oly and sprint....
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