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Michell Kaarne
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Default Michell's log

Trying to type up something at least semi-interesting to start of this log while shoving my mouth with Cheerioes and yoghurt. Iím at the end of my 4th strict week on the AD and started my carb-load last night at 20:00 instead of this morning. Going to go for a 48h load this weekend.

Ok, since I couldnít come up with anything clever to write letís just start with some basic background stuff:

29 year old Swedish male living in a southern suburb of Stockholm with my girlfriend and our son who turns two in December.

Iíve wanted to have a log that I could access online for a while now, and as Iíve just changed up my workout schedule to fit my lunch breaks this was as good a time as any. I also think that posting on a public forum might get me to push myself a bit more.

Right now I have a one hour lunch break and a gym with Olympic bars, bumper plates etc at work so Iím trying to do a 5/2 split with short and intense workouts.

Feel free to critique my grammar and spelling if you feel Iím butchering your language.

  • 171cm, 5'7''
  • 66-69kg, 146-152lb (I thinkÖ)
  • Body fat around 14% maybe. Can see my upper two abs through the fat, sometimes I can even see my obloquies and almost my upper four, albeit I need to set the mood with some careful lighting and a water draining workout.
This was supposed to be
A log of my experience working out on a 5/2 split while on the Anabolic diet. I want to mix metcons/gpp-drills with ME days and some gymnastic moves, but most of all I want to have fun working out.

However. I ended up joining an Olympic lifting club and am building my training around my workouts there instead. As soon as I feel I have adapted to this training I may start adding in some lunch-break metcons again. For now, I have oly lifting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I do some Planche and Front Lever work a few hours before that. At the club I do what the coaches tell me but it goes something like this:

C&J or Snatch day:
1 Ė 2 limited rom drills with lighter weight (hang variations etc), something like 5 sets with low reps
5 sets (some times more), low reps of the full lift
3-5 sets of the lifts shrug variation
Then 5 sets, 3-5 reps of front/back squats

I donít worry about weight/rest. I rest until they tell me to lift and add weight when they tell me to add weight. I write down what I remember when I get home.

After that itís kind of free for all but they do want me to work lower back and abs. Pull-ups and dips seem to make them happy also witch is fine with me .
Stuff not in my log
Water: 2-4 litres a day.
Coffee: 1-2 cups of black coffee a day.
Supplements: I use a quality vitamin & mineral supplement and a teaspoon of creatine monohydrate from time to time as a pick-me-up.
Warm-up: I like jump rope, mobility drills, Crossfit type warm-ups or just using the lift Iím about to perform with light weights.
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