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Kelly Frankson
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Default Food Choice Vs Zone Proportions

Looking for support to dispute a claim made by the owner of Crossfit Vancouver

The claim:
You have heard the horrors that sugar and processed food of any kind will kill you, your children and all of man kind. This is both true and not true. Brace yourself for the next statement. You can get great results from eating beef and beer

Now before you go off half cocked and send me tons of hate mail......listen closely.
You do need the micro-nutrients (vitamins minerals etc) from "Good Carbs"(Vegetables and fruits) and if you based your carbohydrate consumption solely on chocolate you will die of scurvy.

Having said that, it is more important to balance your macro nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates) and dial in overall portions than to obsess over every micronutrient. If you are eating exactly the amount of blocks of food you need for peak performance then you don't necessarily need to have all your carbohydrates come from vegetables and fruits.

It would be best if we all got exactly the right amount of food each day and that all of our carbohydrates came from fruits and veggies, but the people at Cf headquarters (including my mentor Greg Glassman) swear by the zone.....not necessarily a paleo diet.

What does that mean for you: If you are going to eat some bread, pasta, potatoes, (god forbid...scotch) then you had better have the ratio's (fat, protein, carbo's - 30/30/40) and quantities NAILED. Eating 5 cups of pasta or a big bag of chips or 3 chocolate bars with a steak will fatten you up like a christmas ham.

My View: I think its more important to eat cleanly and if you are eating cleanly it takes a whole lot of food to over eat. If you are wasting your blocks with crap, your body will not be able to process it properly, wasting a lot of the good nutrients that you are consuming, and energy levels will drop and the performance gains wont necessarily there. There are a select few in this world who can eat what ever they want and see results, most of us can't.

This was refuted with:The performance numbers speak otherwise the ratio is the most important part

Entire post is here:

Would love to hear others thoughts
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