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sarena kopciel
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Sorry but really does sound like bedbug? have you traveled recently?
Also in Chinese Medicine there is a chart that explains which organ is weak compared to the time of day, I am gonna try and find it!
Ok, here is it!

Basic understanding for me (and I am not that smart ) is a liver imbalance and liver is the filter of the body so....
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Garrett Smith
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I'd suggest you get a blood "food allergy" test done.

Look up "elimination diet" on Google and try that for a while, you can do it Paleo-style if you wish.

Finding some liver-specific herbs would likely help the situation.

Seeing a good naturopath in your area is probably a good decision to make at this point...
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Tony Ferous
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Yeah check for bedbugs...but check when you wake up at 3am with strong lights! Dont check in the day.
I bought a second hand wooden bedframe once(not the matress), when summer came round the bugs came out, urgh!!!
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