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Matt Thomas
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Default Lifting an atlas stone safely?

Sorry for asking a question every other day guys, but I really appreciate all the input and help.

I made one of the pseudo atlas stones like they sell on elite fts to practice with because a buddy of mine and I ordered a stone mold and I'd like to be able to lift it when we make it.

On the lower weights it felt pretty good. When I got heavier I was able to lift it into my lap with relative ease and everything felt great. However, when I stood up and started trying to arch my back to get it up to chest height I felt a twinge right in that area where I could probably get a hernia, about an inch and a half above my groin slightly to the right. This makes me nervous to continue to try for heavier weights because it always feels like there's tremendous strain (even when I didn't feel the twinge) on my lower abdomin/upper pubic area. What can I do to continue to safely practice for an atlas stone lift?
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