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Craig Snyder
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Well...my body has been telling me that it is time for a change for a while. So I think I am going to listen. So I am going to switch from the CA wod for a while. I am going to try a very simple template:

Back squat
Snatch pull
Pull up

KB Drills/Lunge Exercises
CA Metcon of choice

Front squat
Clean pull
Curl up

KB Drills/lunge Exercises
CA Metcon of choice

Push Press
Rope Climb

Rest on weekends or as needed during the week. Intensity/rep schemes to be set as I get going weekly.

Today 10-3-08

OHS: 45x5, 95x3, 115 2repsx5
Ring push ups: 3x12
Rope climb: 15 foot x3 (L-sit x1)

As I haven't done a workout for 2 weeks, I didn't want to push myself to much. My hamstrings have a habit of locking up on me if I don't watch it on the first couple workouts after a time off.

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