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Chet Morjaria
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Default Chets Trog

Hey folks

Just thought I would say hi in my first post on here.

So...a wee introduction...

Male, 28, 60kg/134lbs, currently living in Surrey, near London, U.K.

I run a UK based functional fitness forum, FK.UK - it’s at http://www.FuncKey.co.uk, check it out.

Have recently done my CrossFit Level 1 Cert...

Did my own programming for a long time, been doing the CrossFit WOD for the last wee while.

Have doing a whole load of thinking regarding my training etc. recently...and have decided to roll with the Performance Menu WOD, starting tomorrow

A huge heap of reasons for this, which will become apparent over time through my ramblings on here I'm sure

Starting at the start - the August 18th WOD, Week 1S1

Really looking forward to it.

As far as diet goes - Zoning on 12 blocks, triple fat. Paleo to a large degree - shifting closer and closer towards strict Paleo as we speak.

Catch you all around.

Rock on

Unlocking Functional Fitness in the UK

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