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Gittit Shwartz
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Default "Take with food"

When taking supplements that are supposed to be taken with food (vitamins, minerals)... how much food is "food"?
I'm currently experimenting with fasting Warrior Diet style. I take a multivitamin with the night meal, but some supplements, such as B vitamins, I prefer to take in the morning because they are "energizing". I usually drink 2 cups of tea/coffee with 1 tbsp coconut milk during the day - is this a good time to take the B's?
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Mike ODonnell
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depends on if they are water or fat soluble vitamins....B is water, so just take with...water. Something like E is fat soluble, so you need some fat...although I remember seeing something on the gelatin caps having enough fat in them to facilitate high rates of absorption even when taken on an empty stomach.
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Garrett Smith
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For synergy purposes, if you cared to look this far into it, you would want to take your isolated B-vitamins with a "whole food" (or liquid) that contains whole-food-based B vitamins as well.

This way, the food cofactors are present with the isolated vitamins.

Same would hold true for fat or water-soluble nutrients.

Or don't worry about it and just accept that you'll absorb/utilize less of them.
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