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Patrick Yeung
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Im not gonna try and weight in on this as I do not eat post workout, or when I do, its just my first meal of the day of whatever that may be.

But, I made your protein bars/cookies more the way I was makin em, and they are freakin good. I didnt really measure, but I was usin cashew butter instead, and just left over protein powder.

I used to make a homemade Gu out of dates/figs and various other ingredients. Ill work on playing around with a recipie for PWO. My past training always had me eating alot of fruit after a workout with some cottage cheese or cheese for a little fat and protein, but not sure how id feel on a high fat/high protein pwo snack.

Oh, and I think thats funny that you eat alot of rest days, the days youre not burnin as much as your workout days. I find myself doing that too, I wonder why that is. I wonder if its because our bodies are craving calories, and our mind drives us to eat less and fast on workout days to have better workouts?
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