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Jane Michel
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At most once a week on my cheat day or meal.... and lately I've been having them once every two weeks or longer. I love bread and its smell when toasted and the bread in Australia is sooooooooo good! It might be a crusty croissant or fruit and nut bread or bread filled with grains and seeds or homemade pizza with lavash or garlic bread. In Singapore my cheats are mostly rice and noodles and maybe some pastry or a sandwich.

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Scott Kustes
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Probably once a week. Depends on how often I come across bread worth eating. All day meeting today, I skipped the white bread buns. Lunch meeting last week, I doused the amazing crusty bread in butter and went to town.

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Greg Davis
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Probably had bread twice in over a year... don't miss it much. "Cheats" are rare but I would consider ice cream, doughnuts, birthday cake, way more appealing!

On that note the one thing I've never had a craving for since ditching grains is pasta. And thats something people think they couldn't live without.
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Allen Yeh
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Just normal bread, hardly at all but if I'm out somewhere and it's worth eating I'll have some. Pizza is my weakness though, luckily I only have pizza maybe 1-2 times a month, if that.
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