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Júlíus G. Magnússon
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Default Back Rehab (please read if you have herniated disc experience)

Some of you might remember this incident.

If not, don't worry. Since then, I've gone to a doctor. Had some kind of scan and had determined that I had a pretty fucked up herniated L5-S1. Not enough to warrant surgery, though, thankfully.

Getting an appointment with the doctor took a while, then getting the results from the scan and getting a physical therapist.

I think I got a physical therapist who's not completely clueless. Been seeing him once or twice a week now for about a month and I'm tons better than when I started with him (although not too close to where I want to be yet). He's suggested I swim alot, which gave me an excuse to dig up Total Immersion and actually read it and I think the swimming has actually helped.

Last week or two I feel like I've kind of plateued as far as progress goes and my PT has suggested I start to strengthen the lower back.

He told me to stay away from hip and back extensions and suggested supermans (you know, lift your arms and legs up while lying on your front). I think he's being too conservative and would like some opinions.

Anyone with herniated disc experiences have any exercises they recommend?

I'm not too comfortable with the rounded good mornings of Bill Starr's rehab method, this being a disc injury and I'm also not sure if Rippetoe's muscle-belly injury rehab is what I should be looking at?

Any insight?
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