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Blair Lowe
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Default Will KB swings loosen up my tight hip flexors?

I have tight hip flexors. While I have gained and regained a lot of flexibility towards getting my yoga plow ( which is good for a basket position in gymnastics and pike flexibility besides L ) my straddle L still hasn't gotten any better. It's in my WU and cooldown and it's still shite.

Had to do KB swings in Helen the other day. I've never done much KB swing work as I just can't get into it myself. It was mentioned by the trainer my hip pop sucks. Well, nicer than that. At first I was swinging it with a straight upright back before using the back and hips to pop it up. As well, it's been mentioned in my oly lifting I don't pop the hips but I think that has a lot more to do with patience and skill with it that I never really knew what was up for 10 years. So crappy musclely oly lifting for 10 years.

Getting back to it, do ya think KB swing will loosen up my hip flexors besides the active stretching I do for them? Trust me this has weirded out Roger H with the fact I had splits/oversplits but poor active hip flexor flexibility. Probably also due to the fact I didn't work it till I was past 20 as it was always passive flexibility. Standing I can barely get the leg to horizontal but I could always kick extremely high or do axe kicks ( which are a bit silly at a might 5 feet ).

I'd like to get a nice straddle L and I'm sure it would help my fledgeling wanna be attempts toward V which at best is 30 degrees for a moment above horizontal but generally is only parallel on rings.
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