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Jeff Yan
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Default step ups: how do you step down?

(Posted one thread here and an unrelated thread on the CF message boards. Neither got responses so I'm reposting on the other site.)

When you're stepping down from a step up, should you step down with the same foot you planted, thus shifting weight from one side to the other at the top of the step, or step down with the opposite foot, thus working the same side throughout the entire rep?

What's the difference?
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Steven Low
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There is no difference because both legs will get worked approximately the same.

Actually, switching legs mid-air (so same foot steps down that steps up) probably takes a bit more effort just because you're moving slightly more.

As far as eccentric and concentric motions they're exactly the same in that respect just one goes Rconcentric-Reccentric + Lconcentric-Leccentric and then other will go Rconcentric-Leccentric + Lconcentric-Reccentric which ends up rearranging as Reccentric-Rconcentric Leccentric-Lconcentric.

Not too much difference.
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