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Mandy LaGreca
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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
As a recovering binge eater and chronic dieter, I can tell you I made very little progress as long as I was blaming myself for every step out of line.

Like Steve said, get through the transition period, eat more fat (don't try to outsmart your diet by cutting fat to lower calories), and I'll add - do everything you can to improve insulin sensitivity. You won't believe how much it helps control the urge to binge.

Here's what I did recently:

- Carbs at up to 30g daily for 2 weeks
- Limit caffeine intake during that time, and watch what it does to you after.
- PWO only, I would allow myself 1/3 cup of berries since they have a very low glycemic impact, but they would still have to fit into the daily 30g limit.
- Chromium picolinate - 1 capsule upon waking, and 20 minutes before each meal when I remembered to.
- Fenugreek - I took a lot of this, not sure if it helped, but many people recommend it so it can't hurt.
- Cinnamon - put a ton of it on everything. Put it in your PWO shake if you do those. I even boiled cinnamon sticks and sipped on the water throughout the day... made me a bit nauseous though
- Don't limit your calories too much for the period of the transition.

Again, I've done the "unlimited veggies and few fruits" thing. Didn't work for me. It's a little sad to think you even have to limit your VEGGIE intake, but I really do better this way.

I hope this helps! It's made a big difference for me.
Thankyou for that. I really do appreciate the feedback. Same background as you. Binge eating still continues, but alot less.

I like your suggestions, but Ive already done that. It doesnt work for me, I need carbs, or I go crazy. Ive done Atkins type of dieting and it wasnt something I could stick to long term. I would end up binge eating and then gaining twice as much weight.

I am trying to find the balance between an eating style that will help me shed some extra fat and get the physique that I want, without creating the feelings that lead me to want to binge eat. These feeling would be anywhere from mood swings, depression, blood sugar swings, hunger and just plain feeling like crap. I need fruit in my diet, and more than 1/2c of berries.

Ive been "dieting" since I was 12 years old. I am 30 years old now. I know my body. But what works from a fat loss perspective doesnt necessarily work with my head. (re: the comment on getting my head checked).

I think I am probably at my setpoint weight, which I suspect, is why I have reached this point of struggle. Losing the 25 pounds post pardum was so easy. Esp with my post pardum hormones assiting me. I find my weight is creeping up again and its due to binge eating.

Sometimes I feel maybe I need to give up this endeavor and find a new dream. BUt then I put on those jeans and see my ass in the mirror and I am back on the path to slimness again. This totally sucks.
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