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Susie Rosenberg
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Default Susie's Back (and neck!) Log

So today is Day One of my serious return to fitness. I'm rehabbed sufficiently to go about this in a more organized and dedicated fashion than I've been able to before now. There will be some trial and error in figuring out what this body can do but I'm choosing to be optimistic and hopeful that it will be quite a bit. I am really starting to feel well for the first time in seven months, thank God.

I'm really glad Jay Cohen has offered to help me by being a kind of long-distance coach and buddy, thank you, Jay, for the following pointers:

1. Determine specifically what you are going to achieve.
-I want to lose fat and gain muscle, maintaining a lean 145-150lb. body weight.
-I want to be able to take regular (non-senior) dance classes again.
-I want to be able to do strenuous hikes in the summer.
-I want to row a 2:10 500m. and a 9:00 2K. (Previous PRs were 2:01 and 8:25, respectively, very good times for a 53-year-old woman)

2. Stay focused on this goal.

3. Find the areas in your training as well as your conditioning and recovery processes that need work.
-I'm way down on strength and endurance, and my flexibility isn't what it should be, either. But strength is the weakest area, especially my upper body.

4. Find ways to hold yourself accountable.
-Fitday journal daily (public journal in sig) and activity log here.

Took two very brisk 30 min. walks, first of which was this morning BEFORE breakfast. Felt great. Second was this afternoon. Walked fast enough both times to get warm and breathe heavily. Felt much better than usual doing this walking, I find I can reduce the discomfort in my neck and across my shoulders by very consciously bringing my scapulae together and down, so that my neck feels more supported. MUCH less pain!

Strength: 1 set of 10 pushups off the wall, as deep as possible.
2 sets of 10 unweighted squats, full depth
1 set of 10 lunges, each side

Rehab: Full set of shoulder exercises, doing so much better!

Flexibility: 10 min. of stretching

I just feel wonderful, having had so many suggestions about what to do and having a total plan for this week. I'm determined to forge on. Tomorrow is dance class. (NIA dance, very adaptable to limitations and quite a bit of huffin' and puffin')

Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.
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