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Ron Nelson
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I've focused on clean proteins, and when I can't get clean, just protein. The workouts will make you hungry, but I've found I can tolerate some high GI carbs and protein right after the workout, especially on DL day (like today).
On off days, my hunger is pretty normal and controllable as long as I can up the protein.

Speaking of DL day, I upped everything on this day to three rounds. I took the weight down for the military press and pull overs, but kept it the same for the DL, which was a mistake. I f^%ked up my back 8 reps into set 3 with 135#. I was determined to finish, and did with just the bar. The split squats were a bitch during the third round. Pull overs were painful due to the lower back killing me. Partial squats were out. I tried one with 135# and almost passed out from the pain. The guy in the next rack though I was a puss, so I held my back and grunted to save my ego.

I spent 15 minutes in a 180 degree sauna to recover. It was swell.

Weigh in showed I was down another 3 pounds. Now at 222 almost 221.

Thanks for the kind words, Dave. Good luck on the journey. Let me know if you have any questions.
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