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Tony Ferous
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Default Olive oil - glass vs metal container?

I always buy oil in glass, never plastic bottles, but ive seen these large 4ltr containers which work out much cheaper, they didnt say what they were made of but i guess steel?? Any idea if thats safe?

I found this on the subject. Tinted glass is best i think, but you cant tell how green the oil is. Same for the stuff in metal canisters.

The best storage containers for olive oil are made of either tinted glass (to keep out light) or a nonreactive metal, such as stainless steel. Avoid metal containers made of iron or copper because the chemical reactions between the olive oil and those metals create toxic compounds. Avoid most plastic, too; oil can absorb noxious substances such as polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs) out of the plastic. Containers also need a tight cap or lid to keep out unwanted air.

And I thought this was interesting, whilst googling around:

I realize the idea of first cold pressing is out of date. Because modern mills use a continuous centrifugal press, there is no second pressing of the olives. To read more about the grading and production of olive oil visit the Olive Oil Source. If you choose to purchase extra-virgin, then you need to smell and taste.
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Gant Grimes
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Excellent post.
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Steven Low
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Interesting. I need to find one with a better taste than the one I have now. Right now the one I got tastes neither good or bad, but generally like to wash it down with something instead.
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