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Patrick Donnelly
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I was home over the weekend and made these while I was there:

Some wood, webbing, gorilla glue, small nails, and sewing. Pretty easy, and it holds very strong, either for doing chin-ups (assuming you don't mind the door and have strong fingers) or for strapping rings to.

As for a pull-up bar, I've had the idea of:

Re: Chet
The company never got back to me.
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Chet Morjaria
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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
Re: Chet
That's a real interesting one, since the lightweight design and folding ability get rid of the two biggest problems with hook-around bars. However, there is still the issue of varying door sizes. For example, the DIY pipe pull-up bar I linked to earlier (which is too large/heavy for me), was made with a five inch span to reach around the frame, but I measured the door frame here at my dorm, and it is nearly seven inches wide. How can these hook-around systems account for that?

Originally Posted by Chet Morjaria View Post

In the meantime I ask a couple of mates that have the bar to measure their doorframes, haha....
Hi Patrick,

Not sure if you're still in the market for a pull-up bar?

But FYI - just asked on of my friends who uses a Powerbar to measure his doorframe - 6 1/4 inches.
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